2008 International Workshop on EUVL

Successful EUVL R&D Forum

The 2008 International Workshop on EUV Lithography was held June 10-12, 2008 at the Wailea Beach Marriott in Maui, Hawaii. The EUVL Workshop successfully achieved its goal of being a R&D forum for EUVL to help address technical challenges to bring EUVL into high-volume semiconductor manufacturing. Researchers from North American, Europe and Asia attended the workshop and presented their research in the area of EUV sources, mask, optics, contamination and resists. Panel discussions were held in the area of EUV sources, mask defects and the role of universities and national labs in the EUVL R&D. Also included in the workshop were technical review papers and the workshop was preceded by EUVL education classes.

The workshop agenda, abstracts of papers and proceedings are available via weblinks below.

For more highlights on the 2008 International Workshop, download the press release here.

2008 EUVL Workshop Proceedings

SPIE has published the proceedings of the workshop along with an audio recording of the workshop and have them made available to public at http://spie.org/x27654.xml.

2008 Workshop Agenda and Abstracts

The Workshop Agenda and abstracts of the papers can be obtained at the following link:

Download the Agenda and Abstracts in PDF Format

Download the Agenda in PDF Format