EUV Lithography Short Course

June 11, 2018, Berkeley, CA

This course provides attendees with a full overview of the fundamentals, status, and technical challenges of EUV Lithography. Topics include EUV Sources, EUV Source Metrology, EUV Optics, EUV Systems and Patterning and EUV Mask. We begin with an overview of the history of EUVL and will cover EUV Sources, EUV Source Metrology and EUV Optics, followed by a discussion of EUVL Systems and Patterning. We also review the fundamental components of EUV systems and address similarities and differences to optical lithography systems. This section also covers patterning issues, including flare, line edge roughness (LER), and resist performance. We continue with an exploration of EUVL Mask Technology issues such as design, materials (including reflective multilayers), process, and metrology. We conclude with a Status Review of EUVL.

Course Material

The course will be based on the accompanying texts, EUV Sources for Lithography and EUV Lithography. Course material includes a bound copy of lecture notes and a copy of EUV Lithography.

Learning Outcomes

Course attendees will be able to increase their fundamental understanding of:

  • History and basics of the development of EUV Lithography
  • Different EUV source types and current technical challenges of EUV source technology
  • EUV source metrology and source power measurements
  • EUV multilayer optics
  • EUV systems and patterning
  • Key components in EUV systems and current technical challenges
  • EUV mask technology and  current technical challenges
  • Status and technical challenges of EUV Lithography for supporting high volume chip manufacturing

Intended Audience

This short course is intended for anyone who is:

  • Involved in the development of EUV Lithography and/or other emerging lithography techniques
  • Needing to understand the current technology status of EUV Lithography
  • Interested in learning the fundamentals of this leading NGL patterning technology
  • Responsible for developing a roadmap for lithography in manufacturing
  • Involved in making technology decisions
  • An engineer or an investor

Instructors for One-Day Short Course

Vivek Bakshi (EUV Litho, Inc.)

Dr. Vivek Bakshi, lead instructor, is president of EUV Litho, Inc. an organization he formed to promote EUV Lithography via consulting, publications, education and workshops. Previously he was a Senior Member of Technical Staff in the Lithography Division of SEMATECH. He has edited two books on EUV Lithography: EUV Sources for Lithography (SPIE Press, 2006) and EUV Lithography (SPIE Press and John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2008), for which he authored the chapter on EUV Source Technology. Dr. Bakshi is an internationally recognized expert on EUV Source Technology and EUV Lithography

Jinho Ahn (Hanyang University)

Dr. Jinho Ahn joined Hanyang University in 1995 as a professor in the MSE department. He has been working as a national project leader for EUVL technology. He currently serves as a Director for Nano & Convergence Technology at National Research Foundation of Korea.

Patrick Naulleau (CXRO, LBL)

Dr. Patrick P. Naulleau has been involved in EUV lithography since 1997, when he joined Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) to work in the area of actinic interferometric alignment. Since 2001 he has led LBNL’s EUV Patterning project, starting with the 0.1-NA ETS optics and now the 0.3-NA MET optic. He is internationally recognized for leading EUV patterning studies and contributing to EUV System designs. He is lead author of the chapter on EUV Patterning in EUV Lithography.

Date for Next EUVL Short Course offered by EUV Litho, Inc.

June 11, 2018, Berkeley, CA. Additional logistics and registration information will be available soon.

If you are unable to attend the next short course and would like to schedule an in-house short course for your company, please contact us.